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What is Pachamama?

The name Pachamama refers to the Inca goddess of the earth who presides over planting and harvesting. This name perfectly represents the spirit of our cuisine: empanadas made from ancestral recipes from the north-western region of Argentina, specifically from the province of Tucuman. Spanish and Inca influences are strong in this area’s cuisine.


Our Offers & SERVICES

  1. Cutlery

    Restaurant or take-out

    Come to eat in our stylish restaurant to enjoy it's ambience or ask for a convenient take-out.

  2. Catering

    Catering service

    We cater events of any sizes to ensure a memorable dining experience through a high quality product.

  3. Delivery ruck

    Delivery to your door

    We offer a fast courteous delivery service straight to your door in selected neighboorhoods of Montréal.

  4. Frozen Food

    Frozen products

    We offer a variety of formats for frozen foods so you can cook it in the comfort of your own home.